Friday, November 18, 2016

Manually Installing Device Drivers

There are many instances when you cannot find a separate device driver such as a printer driver to be installed in a Windows computer.

Then the only option is to use the "Windows Update" to automatically install the required device driver.  However, there are instances where even this does not work due to other technical issues.

Therefore, the following method could be used to overcome this situation.
  1. Download the required device driver from following URL:
  2. Copy the downloaded .CAB file to a separate directory (Example: C:\Drivers)
  3. Expand the .CAB file
    1. Open "Command Prompt (Admin)"
    2. Change the current directory to C:\Drivers
    3. Expand the .CAB file using following command:
      expand -F:* C:\Drivers
    4. Add and Install Downloaded Drivers using following command:
      pnputil -i -a C:\Drivers\*.inf
  4. Restart the computer
  5. Re-connect the device